Brief: Rehabilitating Indian wasteland - a role for afforestation

Brief: Rehabilitating Indian wasteland - a role for afforestation

Focali Brief 2011:04 by Matilda Palm.

Rehabilitating wastelands in India with plantation activities is not only possible, but in many cases desired by the local population and would lead to positive environmental and socio-economic effects at the local level. The reasons for the slow development of wastelands are a lack of financial resources, low land productivity and scarcity of water. A re-valuation of the environmental and
societal value of the trees together with a compensatory scheme for increasing carbon stock and vegetation cover could make an important contribution to the rehabilitation of wastelands.

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The work is based on an article by Palm, M., Ostwald, M., Murthy, I., Chaturvedi, R. and Ravindranath, N.H. (2010) Barriers for afforestation and reforestation activities in different agro-ecological zones of Southern India. Regional Environmental Change, vol 11 issue 2, 423-435

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