Brief: Criteria and indicators for sustainable woodfuels

Rita Willaert

Brief: Criteria and indicators for sustainable woodfuels

Focali Brief 2011:02 by Jörgen Pettersson.

This Focali brief discusses environmental and socioeconomic consequences of woodfuel production - and the development
of criteria and indicators for sustainable woodfuel production.


The global energy demand is projected to grow 50 percent by 2030. Developing nations can become major exporters of woodfuels to meet part of this demand. This will provide export earnings and local employment opportunities, but may also have negative environmental, social and economic consequences. Achieving sustainable woodfuel production will require that relevant criteria and indicators are developed and adapted to local conditions. Implementation should seek broad stakeholder input to balance objectives and benefi t from local knowledge.


Click here to download (Focali Brief 2011:02)

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