Focali-SIANI policy brief on the key to successful partnerships with forest communities

Photo: Neil Palmer/CIAT for CIFOR (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Focali-SIANI policy brief on the key to successful partnerships with forest communities

Focali member Torsten Krause has written a policy brief within Focali’s thematic collaboration with SIANI. In the policy brief “Building partnerships with forest communities” Krause compiles strategies for establishing effective partnerships with local communities who use or own forest land.

Being the owners and the primary users of forestland, local communities are indispensable in efforts to reverse deforestation and forest degradation. Partnerships with forest communities can support sustainable forest management and help to develop alternative livelihoods, for instance through the commercialization of non-timber forest products. But partnerships also runs the risk of being unsuccessful if they fail to address central challenges such as a long-term perspective, accountability and jointly negotiated goals and interests.

The brief is based on the researcher’s own experiences from conducting research in forest communities, particularly in the Amazon, and discussions held at the workshop “Building partnerships with forest communities” held at Lund University on September 2015.


Read the brief here



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