Focali brief: Food security in Sri Lankan homegardens

Photo: Kamala tree by Dinesh Valke, Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Focali brief: Food security in Sri Lankan homegardens

New Focali brief where Eskil Mattsson and Madelene Ostwald, together with S. P. Nissanka seek in the literature for evidence and information on the food security link to homegardens; a traditional agroforestry system promoted by the Sri Lankan government.

Agroforestry and other types of multifunctional land-use systems have increasingly been highlighted as win-win-win solutions to meet the challenges of climate change, agricultural intensification, secure ecosystem services as well as support to food security. In Sri Lanka, homegardens are evidently the poor land users’ insurance or safety net in times of increasing food prices or harvest failures.

This brief shows that, in terms of homegardens and food security, the indirect effects are the most common, including both adaptation to climate change and a variety of ecosystem services. Main concluding policy recommendations include; higher degree of inclusiveness of stakeholders aligned with long-term commitments, and guidelines that differentiate between biophysical variations (e.g. dry vs. wet climate zone) or socio-economic differences (e.g. urban vs. rural areas).

Read the brief here.

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