Moving Ahead with REDD. Issues, Options and Implications.

Moving Ahead with REDD. Issues, Options and Implications.

A report on the different options for the design of a REDD system.

Editor Arild Angelsen.

REDD is based on a simple idea: pay developing countries to reduce CO2 emissions from the forest sector. Nevertheless, design and implementation of a REDD system raise many hard questions: How are emissions reductions monitored, reported and verified? How should REDD be financed? Should payments be directed to countries, projects or both? How should reference levels be set? How are non-permanence and leakage accounted? How to achieve REDD co-benefits and avoid doing harm?

The report does not attempt to give definite answers. Instead, the book presents design options for a global REDD architecture and reviews their implications on the 3E criteria - Effectiveness in reducing emissions, cost Efficiency and Equity and co-benefits.

It can be downloaded from CIFOR's web site (click here).

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