New PLOS collection: Measuring forest conservation effectiveness

Photo: Michael Padmanaba CIFOR

New PLOS collection: Measuring forest conservation effectiveness

Scholars and practitioners have repeatedly called for more and better impact evaluation of conservation policies. This new PLOS collection of articles "Measuring Forest Conservation Effectiveness" brings together a series of studies that evaluate the effectiveness of tropical forest conservation policies and programs, such as protected areas, forest law enforcement, payments for ecosystem services, certification, and community-based forest management.

It contributes by: (1) evaluating both conservation and development outcomes of a variety of interventions in diverse conservation contexts in Latin America, Asia, and Africa; and (2) highlighting methodological challenges and research priorities for building a systematic evidence base in conservation policy research. 

Read this newly published PLOS collection here

This collection of articles (special issue) is based on a workshop co-arranged by Focalimember Martin Persson on the theme “Evaluating Forest Conservation Initiatives: New Tools and Policy Needs”. Read more about the workshop held in Barcelona 2013 and find presentations here. 

In addition to co-arranging the workshop Martin Persson is co-author to the introductory article to this collection: "Emerging Evidence on the Effectiveness of Tropical Forest Conservation"

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