Promotion of beneficial agriculture investments and discouragement of land grabbing

Photo: Jesper Karlsson

Promotion of beneficial agriculture investments and discouragement of land grabbing

Focali Brief 2012:03 by Jesper Karlsson

This brief discusses how international initiatives such as the Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI) could discourage harmful and encourage beneficial investments in agriculture. It discusses the need to increase equitable and sustainable agro-investments while avoiding the controversial phenomenon of “land grabbing”. Alternatives to large-scale agricultural investments are highlighted as well as the importance of tenure rights, respect for human rights and genuine involvement of rural people including the most vulnerable groups. 
Download the brief here. 
Read more about RAI at the Knowledge Exchange Platform for Responsible Agro-Investment.


The proposed Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI):

1. Existing rights to land and associated natural resources are recognized and respected.

2. Investments do not jeopardize food security but rather strengthen it.

3. Processes relating to investment are transparent, monitored and ensure accountability by all stakeholders within a proper business, legal and regulatory environment.

4. All those materially affected are consulted, and agreements from consultations are recorded and enforced.

5. Investors ensure that projects respect the rule of law, reflect industry best practice, are viable economically and result in durable shared value.

6. Investments generate desirable social and distributional impacts and do not increase vulner­ability.

7. Environmental impacts are quantified and measures taken to encourage sustainable resource use, while minimizing the risk and magnitude of negative impacts and mitigating them.


Photo: Jesper Karlsson

Sugarcane cultivation in Bombali, Northern Sierra Leone. Photo: Jesper Karlsson

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