The bioenergy and water nexus

The bioenergy and water nexus

A report on issues related to water and bioenergy prepared after a workshopo in Paris in July 2010.

UNEP, Oeko-Institut and IEA Bioenergy Task 43 hosted the workshop which was arranged by, among others, Focali researcher, Göran Berndes who is also contributing author of the report.

The report provides recommendations and outlines options in respect to bioenergy in support of a Green Economy transition. The first point is that all forms of energy have, to a greater or lesser extent, an impact on water resources. Fossil fuel and nuclear power stations, for example require a significant quantity of water for cooling. Bioenergy’s water demands are in large part linked with the growing and processing of feedstocks such as crops which, in turn, has important implications for sustainable agriculture, land use and food production. 

The report can be downloaded from the UNDP website here.

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