Gender equity: A snail pace progress and how to change that

Photo by ILRI via Flikr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Gender equity: A snail pace progress and how to change that

Read the blog, published in Impakter on September 18th 2018, about what policy makers need to know about gender and sustainability. The blog is based on the work of Focalimember Andrea Nightingale on ecofeminism and feminist political ecology, and written by Linda Hansson and Ekaterina Bessonova in a Focali-SIANI collaboration.

What policy makers need to know about gender and sustainability

Most of the current sustainable development policies include gender considerations. However, the progress towards gender equity still goes at a snail’s pace. Experience from the ground shows that policy targets often fail to deliver inclusivity, at times reinforcing inequality and vulnerability.

Are our gender equality efforts missing the point? And if so, what do we need to do differently? Perspectives from ecofeminism and feminist political ecology suggest the path to gender parity may be blocked by our understanding of human interaction with the environment.

Read the full article.

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