Multifunctional Landscapes - How to enhance productivity and restore ecosystem services for improved livelihoods?

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Multifunctional Landscapes - How to enhance productivity and restore ecosystem services for improved livelihoods?

This conference session is co-organized by SLU Global and Focali. The Agri4D conference takes place at SLU in Uppsala next week 25-26th of September.

What Conference
When Sep 25, 2013 03:15 PM to
Sep 25, 2013 05:15 PM
Where SLU - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala
Attendees Anders Malmer & Madelene Ostwald, Lina Hammarstrand & Andreas Särnberger, Hanna Sinare, Deborah Goffner, Peter Holmgren
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In this session we will discuss: What is the present scientific evidence base that integration of trees on farms and in agricultural landscapes will contribute to enhance agricultural productivity, resource utilization and livelihoods for smallholder farmers? What are the benefits and trade-offs?  

Under increasing pressure to improve food security and livelihoods from land-use, declining trends in soil fertility and tree cover need to be reversed. At the same time the resilience of the farming systems to maintain and increase delivery of primary products and other ecosystem services under climate variability and other enhanced stress factors needs to improve. One important component for restoring ecosystem services on farms and in agricultural landscapes is integration of trees. Tress can have multiple functions at field (e.g. micro-climate, N-fixation), farm (e.g. food, feed, fuel, income) and landscape (e.g. water cycle, erosion control, carbon sequestration, biological pest control, genetic diversity) scales. These multiple functions and the relation between them (benefits and trade-offs) depend on a multitude of factors both related to land-use practices and environmental factors. 

The session is organized by: Anders Malmer SLU/ SLU Global & Madelene Ostwald GMV (Centre for Environment and Sustainability)/Chalmers/ Linköping University/Focali 

Program and registration: 
Read a detailed program for the session, information about the speakers and their abstracts here

The registration to the conference is soon closing, read more about the conference and register here


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