SIANI seminiar: "Why don’t we use soils to mitigate climate change?"

Foto: Gert Nyberg

SIANI seminiar: "Why don’t we use soils to mitigate climate change?"

What Seminar
When May 08, 2012 01:00 PM to
May 08, 2012 04:30 PM
Where Kulturhuset, Stockholm
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The seminar is arranged by SIANI (the Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative). Speakers are: Peter Holmgren, Director, Climate, Energy and Tenure, FAO; Prof. Thomas Kätterer, Dept. of Soil and Environment, SLU; David Andersson, CEO Ecoera & WWF Climate Entrepreneur; Bo Lager, Vi Skogen – Kenya Agriculture Carbon Project.
About the seminar: 
Soils have great potential for carbon storage and under the right type of management they can act as carbon sinks removing carbon from the atmosphere. This seminar will explore the remaining barriers surrounding the incorporation of soil into climate change mitigation projects. 
More carbon is found in global soils than in the atmosphere and plant biomass combined. Due to activities such as deforestation and agriculture these stores can become sources of carbon. As the ecosystems which put the carbon into the soil in the first place are destroyed, the carbon slowly leaks into other areas which are less stable and controllable. Soils do however still retain a great potential for carbon storage and under the right type of management they can act as a carbon sink, sequestering atmospheric carbon and fixing it in the soil. Unfortunately under the wrong type of management soils can become a net-emitter of carbon into the atmosphere, especially in countries with carbon rich soils such as Sweden. For example when converting land for different uses the net sequestration effect of growing certain crops could be offset by the carbon released during cultivation.
The following questions will be discussed:
• Measurement and verification of carbon levels in the soil 
• Financial mechanisms for rewarding carbon-smart activities 
• Practical methods for adding or fixing carbon into the soil. 
• Long-term approaches to carbon-smart land use 
The aim of this event is to: brief delegates on the opportunity presented by soils for carbon mitigation both in Sweden and overseas and methodologies which can be incorporated into climate change mitigation projects. 
Registration: Register for the seminar here! 
Last day for registration is the 24th April.
Cost: Free but cancellations must be made by the 30th April otherwise 100kr will be charged. 
Contact: If you have questions regarding the seminar, please contact: Matthew Fielding : +46 (0) 73 707 8568 : 
13:15 - Welcome Peter Sylwan 
13:30 - Global Overview of Soil Carbon Peter Holmgren, (FAO) tbc 
13:50 - Approaches and methods to use soil as a carbon sink on both a large and small scale David Andersson, Chalmers 
14:10 - The accurate measurement, reporting and verification of carbon content in soils Dr Thomas Kätterer (SLU) 
14:30 - Measuring soil carbon in a diverse landscape in Kenya Bo Lager (Vi Skogen) 
14:50 – 15:20 Coffee Break 
15:20 – Transaction costs of biofuels in the carbon economy Stéphane de Cara (INRA) 
15:40 - Tools for carbon mitigation planning Madeleine Jönsson (FAO) tbc
16:00 - Q&A - 30mins Speakers panel


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