What Role Does Securing Forest and Community Land Rights Play in Development?

Photo courtesy Douglas Sheil/CIFOR (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

What Role Does Securing Forest and Community Land Rights Play in Development?

Focali interim project coordinator Maria Göthberg together with SIANI's communication staff Ekaterina Bessonova and Matthew Fielding summarize the discussion from the joint September seminar on "Securing Forest and Community Land Rights - Challenges, Trends and Ways Forward".

The subject of land tenure rights is raised in many discussions about agricultural development and often within the broader development discourse. The growing demand for productive, agricultural land from all sectors only serves to heat up the debate. As the issues unravel a complex set of threads emerges, involving environmental conservation, governance, corruption, food security, economic growth, and climate change.

As part of the “Forest, Landscapes & Food Security” Theme, SIANI and Focali together with Land Rights Research Initiative (LARRI) and Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) gathered experts in Gothenburg to discuss the topic and what needs to be done for more secure land tenure rights.

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