Eskil Mattsson invited by the UN-REDD programme and Government of Sri Lanka to hold a key-note address on forests and agroforestry

Photo: Eskil Mattsson

Eskil Mattsson invited by the UN-REDD programme and Government of Sri Lanka to hold a key-note address on forests and agroforestry

Focali member Eskil Mattsson who has rich research experience from Sri Lanka is invited to hold a key-note address at the “International Research Symposium on Valuation of Forest Ecosystems and their Services” to be held on October 18 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The symposium is organized by the UN-REDD programme and the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment of the Government of Sri Lanka and held as an integral part of an International Conference on Climate Change linked to a government campaign that focus on mitigation and adaptation strategies that Sri Lanka must adopt to face the challenge of climate change. The title of Eskil´s presentation is “Assessment of carbon and non-carbon benefits of tropical homegardens in relation to natural forests for REDD-related activities in Sri Lanka”. The key-note presentation will showcase the breath of ecosystem services provided by the agroforestry system homegardens as an analogue to natural forests. It will also address results of a systematic review on food security aspects in homegardens that has been conducted through the new AgriFoSe2030 program within theme 2 – Multifunctional landscapes for increased food security.


Two related academic articles written by Eskil are "Homegardens as a Multi-functional Land-Use Strategy in Sri Lanka with Focus on Carbon Sequestration" and "Quantification of carbon stock and tree diversity of homegardens in a dry zone area of Moneragala district, Sri Lanka"

Besides his academic research focus on homegardens on Sri Lanka, Eskil has been active in research-policy dialogues and published a number of policy briefs related to agroforestry. A Focali-SIANI brief based on recent policy dialogues during a visit to Sri Lanka in April 2016 will soon be published. 

Photo: Eskil Mattsson

Previously published publications in the Focali-SIANI thematic collaboration authored or co-authored by Eskil Mattsson are listed below:

Trees in Home Gardens: Making the Most of an Age-Old Practice to Improve Food Security and Nutrition

 Sri Lankan homegardens: Lush beauty, food security and carbon capture in compact packages (This blog by Eskil Mattsson was published at the World Congress of Agroforestry homepage in the WCA 2014 blog competition.)

Can Agroforestry Address Food Security Concerns in a Changing Climate? (This brief is based on a workshop held within the Focali-SIANI theme in November 2014.)

Sharing the Land: Restoring Degraded Ecosystems and Improving Livelihoods through Agroforestry


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