Focali Researchers to COP20 in Lima,Peru

Photo courtesy Moyan Brenn (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Focali Researchers to COP20 in Lima,Peru

Four Focali researchers - Javier Godar, Toby Gardner, Fariborz Zelli and Tobias Nielson - will participate in side-events during COP20.

The 20th United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP20, is to take place in Lima and are only days away. This two-weeks long conference kicks-off on the 1st of December and last until the 12th of December. The meeting will take place in Lima, Peru and has the ambition to create a solid basis for a strong agreement in Paris next year. Four Focali researchers will participate in different side-events to the negotiations to discuss landscapes management and forestry in connection to climate change.
On the 4th of December Lund University and BECC (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in a Changing Climate) will together with the Climate Alliance host the event "REDD and Beyond: International and Indigenous Strategies in Forest protection". During this seminar the participants will learn about some of the Latin American alternatives to REDD that has emerged over the years. The questions are: How effective are these various instruments with reagrds to forest protection and are they socially inclusive and fair? Focali researcher Fariborz Zelli, who is a part of the organizing team will speak about "Social Inclusiveness of REDD in Peru" and act as moderator. Tobias Nielsen will present his recent research results comparing two ambitious domestic programmes, Ecuador’s Socio Bosque and Peru’s Programa Bosques.
On the 7th of December the event "Moving targets: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainability in "Frontier" Landscapes" will take place. The event is a part of the Global Landscapes Forum, which is a platform held alongside the UN Climate Negotiations. EcoAdapt and SIANI together host this seminar where the audience will learn about how you can navigate through priorities and contradicting interests of multiple actors in a changing landscape, They will also give successful examples of how one best create bottom-up solutions through top-down policies. The panel includes policy makers, investors, scientists and civil society representatives. Focali researchers Toby Gardner and Javier Godar will speak and help co-organize the session.

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