Focali-researcher receives Chalmers Foundation Award for outstanding research on food

Christel at the farm Skogsgård outside Getinge in Halland, Sweden. Photo by Anna Nyström Claesson

Focali-researcher receives Chalmers Foundation Award for outstanding research on food

Focali-member Christel Cederberg is one of six researchers who has been awarded the Chalmers Foundation prize for research on societally important issues. The prize is awarded annually to highlight outstanding examples of Chalmers work and values, and 2019 the focus is on food – a vital component of global sustainability and one of our greatest challenges.

Since 1994, The Chalmers Foundation has worked for Chalmers to carry out internationally recognized research and education. Each year the foundation awards a prize for Chalmers researchers who has made an important contribution to issues that are of large societal importance.

One of our greatest challenges today is global sustainability, and the food we eat is a vital component of that. Christel Cederberg, Focali-member and assistant professor at the institution for earth, space and environment at Chalmers University of Technology, conducts extensive research on sustainable food- and bioenergy production, and how this influence and connects to other land uses.

Christel has recently been involved in the PRINCE program where a team of researchers and partners developed tools and indicators to measure the environmental pressure of our Swedish food consumption. The program has showed that due to a large food import, Swedish consumption causes a significant use of agrochemicals abroad, mainly through pesticides and veterinary antibiotics, as well as carbon dioxide emissions from deforestation. 

“Agriculture, and thereby our food consumption, are important for many of society´s environmental challenges – biodiversity losses being one of the most important. Intensive use of chemicals in agriculture and deforestation are key drivers of those losses, and it is urgent that we improve the situation.” Says Christel.

The Chalmers Foundation prize was this year awarded to six people whose research has highlighted different aspects of foods and their role in our society. The prize winners have all made a significant medial impact with their research and in this way strengthened the view of Chalmers as a university that tackles sustainability issues in a multifaceted way.


Congratulations Christel!

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