Meet Focali and SIANI at the DevRes Conference in Gothenburg

Meet Focali and SIANI at the DevRes Conference in Gothenburg

The biennial Development Research Conference – DevRes, sponsored by the Swedish Research Council and Sida, will be held in Gothenburg 22-23 August. The Focali research network, hosted by GMV, will participate in the conference together with its partner SIANI.

If you are interested to meet representatives from the two networks Focali and SIANI and see how you can get involved, stop by their joint booth at the conference venue.

You will also be able to pick up the latest Focali policy briefs and meet Focali researchers to discuss forest, climate and livelihood issues.

Several Focali members are further involved in the arrangement of different panels at the conference.

Read more about the conference here.

Stay tuned on Focali and SIANI Twitter to get updates from the conference.

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