News from the 3rd national Agroforestry Conference in Alnarp 2017

Photo credit: Linda Hansson

News from the 3rd national Agroforestry Conference in Alnarp 2017

The Agroforestry Network - on of the main organizers of the Agroforestry Conference in Alnarp - shares their perspective on the conference where researchers, practitioners, students and NGO's met for two days of in-depth discussions on elevating agroforestry in Sweden with inspiration from the world.

What’s unique about going to the south of Sweden in the early winter to an agroforestry conference with 200 participants? Is it the poster session or the conference dinner with an agroforestry theme? The live music during the registration? The extensive information that experienced lecturers bombards you with during seminars?
It’s none of the above. What makes this conference unique is the heterogenity of its participants. During two days arborists, hobby gardeners, professional farmers, scientists, agronomy students, international experts in development and politicians met and shared knowledge...

Read the full news article at the Agroforestry Network webpage.

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