On video - Wangu Mutua talking about women and agroforestry

Photo: Wangu Mutua, Deputy Director at Vi Agroforestry

On video - Wangu Mutua talking about women and agroforestry

What are the links between women, agroforestry, leadership, land tenure and farmer organizations? After the Focali seminar "Feminism and forest - a love story" in Almedalen 2017, Wangu Mutua, Deputy Director of Vi Agroforestry Kenya was interviewed by GMVs Hugo Gustafsson.

Last week, Focali participated in this year's Almedalen Week on 2nd to 6th of July - the biggest political meeting place in Sweden. Together with SIANI and Stockholm Environment Institute we organized the seminar  "Feminism and forest - a love story" at the stage of Sida (the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency).

At the seminar, Wangu Mutua gave a presentation of her views on the links between women and forests. She emphasized the importance of a gender focus in policy engagement and implementation at all levels, but also the role of sisterhood as a learning platform - e.g. Through partner/farmer organizations.

After the event we had a chance to talk to Wangu. See her interview here.

You can also see the full seminar here (OBS! mostly in Swedish).

Read more about our partner organization Vi Agroforestry (Vi-skogen).

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