PhD position at Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research

PhD position at Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research

at the Department of Water and Society at Linköping University has announced a doctoral position within the project "Trees, Carbon and groundwater: Trade-off or synergy in local adaptation to climate change in the Semi-Arid Tropics?"

The project aims to analyze the relationship between different types of biomass or deforestation, systemic carbon content and changees and conditions for water runoff, recharge, and groundwater. The tasks include remote sensing of vegetation and soil, and spatial statistics in Burkina Faso.

In order to qualify for applying, in addition to basic education of at least 240 credits, including at least 60 credits at advanced level, or in other arrangements within or outside the country acquired the equivalent knowledge, special knowledge is required equivalent to 90 credits of, for example, environmental science, information systems , earth science, ecology, forest science. Good knowledge of English, both orally and in writing, is a requirement. Knowledge of hydrology, statistics, and French is meritorious

Deadline for applications is 2010-04-09. For more information, visit Linköping University webiste here (posting only available in Swedish)

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