Register for the Global Landscape Forum

Photo: Maria Ölund

Register for the Global Landscape Forum

Focali and SIANI will have a joint booth at the event held the 16-17 November in Warsaw Poland. See a short video about the event here.

VIDEO: Global Landscapes Forum – a ‘wider view’ on our planet’s most pressing issues
“We need to tear down institutional barriers between these areas [agriculture and forests] this is what the landscape forum is about” 
/ Peter Holmgren Director General CIFOR interviewed in the video above 
Read more about the event and register here:
Twitter: Follow @GlobalLF for updates about the event and use the hashtag #GLFCOP19 for tweets about the event. 

Read Focali-SIANI brief: "Forests and trees - essential for food security on a landscape level" here 
Read more about SIANI here:



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