Open call for SIANI 'Expert Group' proposals

Photo: Oscar Ölund

Open call for SIANI 'Expert Group' proposals

Deadline for applications is the 15th of September 2013

SIANI Expert Groups are small, inter-disciplinary groups that work to facilitate and contribute to a holistic understanding of emerging issues in the field of food security and nutrition in low-income countries. The expert groups consolidate knowledge and focus the interactions of different actors within the Swedish resource base. 

The proposal process for an Expert Group: 

Stage 1: Develop a concept note based on the proposed expert group (submitted by 15th September 2013) 
Stage 2: If the concept note is approved the proposer will be invited to expand the note into an annual work plan including budget and outputs in line with the ToR.
Stage 3: A decision on the proposed work plan will be made by the SIANI Steering Committee. If approved then the Expert Group will begin activities. 

Please contact Matthew Fielding Programme Officer at SIANI for questions about the open call. 


Read more about SIANI (The Swedish International Agriculture Network Initiative) here

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