Videos and presentations from the Landscape seminar

Photos: Jesper Karlsson och Maria Ölund

Videos and presentations from the Landscape seminar

The videos and presentations from the event “Landscapes in a Carbon Focused World” is now available online. The event was organized on the 26th of October 2012 in collaboration between Focali, SIANI, GMV and Naturskyddsföreningen. The presentations and videos of the presentations and the final discussion are published on the SIANI homepage and can be viewed here. 
The importance of having a holistic perspective of the landscape was discussed during the seminar. Interactions between different sectors in the landscape influence e.g. food provision, biodiversity and ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration. The landscape perspective can thus be an important tool to better understand these linkages and fluctuations between different sectors in the landscape. The importance of a Landscape perspective is increasingly recognized. One recent example is that CIFORs general director Peter Holmgren yesterday declared that the event “Forest Day” now will become “Landscape Day”. On the 21st of November 2012 he wrote about the importance of this on the CIFOR (Center for International Forestry Research) blog:
 “I have said earlier that it is time for forestry to come out of the forest. Moving on from Forest Day to a Landscape Day is an excellent example of what needs to happen. There are no sharp boundaries between forests and the wider landscape. Not geographically, not economically, and not for sustainable development.”


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