Yearly open call for research grants from Formas

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Yearly open call for research grants from Formas

The yearly open call for Formas research grants opens for applications the 1st of March, and closes the 12th of April, 2018. Applications are welcomed within the three main areas – environment, agricultural sciences and spatial planning. Start writing your application today!

The open call for Formas research grants is divided into three subcalls – research and development projects, research and development projects for future leaders, and mobility grants. The two latter are targeted to, and can only be applied by, researchers early in their careers. The purpose of the mobility starting grant is to encourage researchers who have recently been awarded their doctoral degrees to visit new research environments.

Formas funds research for ecologically, economically and socially sustainable development and that can contribute to achieving the global sustainable development goals. The subject areas of the evaluation panels are inspired by the global sustainable development goals and are divided into 10 evaluation panels. The panels are also designed to accommodate both the depth and breadth of content in the more than one thousand applications that are submitted to the Formas annual open call. The evaluation panels are therefore broadly defined in order to encompass the various social, economic and environmental objectives within Formas’ areas of responsibility.

The text describing each evaluation panel should only be regarded as a general guide. The applicant formulates their own research questions. There are no strict boundaries between the panels. The same application may be relevant to several panels, but will be evaluated by the panel with reviewers with the most appropriate competence.

The research that is supported by Formas must be of the highest scientific quality, be of benefit to society in the short-term or long-term and may apply to all levels of society. Formas strives to promote equality between women and men and for the importance of gender and other critical perspectives to be included in the research.

For application, please visit Formas webpage.

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