Anders Malmer

Professor Anders Malmer

Professor (SLU) and Research theme leader (Focali)
SLU, Faculty of Forest Science
901 83 Umeå, Sweden

Focus area

Climate Assessed SFM Focali REDD SFM


+46 90 786 8416

Professor Anders Malmer

Anders is a professor of Tropical Forest Ecology and Management. He is leading Focali’s research theme “Climate assessed SFM”.

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Anders is leading the research about “Tropical Forestry”, one of several competence areas within “International Forestry” at his department at SLU. Anders is specialised in the impact of different cultivations practices’ on the soil’s water and nutrition content. His expertise is within biophysics with an emphasis on development issues.

Anders areas of expertise:

Sustainable Forest Managent (SFM)

Ecological services by trees

Trees and water

Soil rehabilitation by trees


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