Anna Nordén

PhD Anna Nordén

Project manager
SDSN Northern Europe
Gothenburg, Sweden


PhD Anna Nordén

Focus area: Forest conservation policies, PES, behavioral economics, ecosystem services and biodiversity.

My primary research interest is forest conservation policies and behavioral economics, with emphasis on sustainable forest management, payment for ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation. Current research topics include: policy design for implementing REDD+, especially Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES); synergies and trade-off between biodiversity and ecosystem services; forest certification.

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Phd in Economics, University of Gothenburg (2013), Visiting researcher at Tropical Agricultural Research & Higher Education Center (CATIE) and EfD Central America, Costa Rica (2010-2012), MSc in Environmental Economics, University of Gothenburg (2007). 

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Doctoral thesis: 

Essays on Behavioral Economics and Policies for Provision of Ecosystem Services 




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