Torsten Krause

PhD Torsten Krause

University of Lund
Josephsonhuset Biskopsgatan 5
22362 Lund, Sweden

Focus area

Biodiversity Conservation Ecosystem services Forests Sustainability Science


PhD Torsten Krause

Post-Doc in Sustainability Science at Lund University.


Torsten has a BSc in International Business Administration, and an MSc in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science. From 2009 to 2013 he conducted his PhD research as part of the newly established research school LUCID. He is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS)

Focus area:

Torsten has extensive experience in conducting field work in Chile and the Ecuadorian Amazon on the social and environmental impacts of conservation projects. His current research focuses on the governance of ecosystem services in a European context and agroforestry for a more sustainable forest management and agroforestry in Latin America.


Krause, T. & Nielsen, T.D. 2014. The legitimacy of incentive-based conservation and a critical account of social safeguards. Environmental Science & Policy 41, 44-51.

Krause, T. & Lasse, L. 2013. Benefit Distribution and Equity in Ecuador’s Socio Bosque Program. Society & Natural Resources 26(10), 1170-1184.

Krause, T., Collen, W. & Nicholas, K.A. 2013. Evaluating safeguards in a conservation incentive programme: Participation, consent and benefit sharing in Indigenous communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Ecology and Society 18(4): 1.

Krause, T. & Zambonino, H. 2013. More than just trees – animal species diversity and participatory forest monitoring in the Ecuadorian Amazon. International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Managament, 9(3), 225-238.


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