Hanna Sinare

Hanna Sinare

PhD candidate, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University


Hanna Sinare

PhD candidate, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University

Focus area:

My research is focused on how people use their landscape for various livelihood benefits, and how this can be mapped at a scale relevant for policy and management but still including the local use perspective. I am also interested in how the use and role of the landscape have changed over time in relation to population growth, climate change and changing livelihood opportunities. I use the concept ecosystem services to include both direct benefits and ecosystem processes that are central to maintain landscape productivity. So far the ecosystem services mapping literature has mainly used secondary data, which is not available in many areas, for example in my focus region Sudano-Sahelian West Africa. I do my fieldwork in six villages across two administrative regions in Northern Burkina Faso.


BSc in Biology (2008) and MSc in Soil and Water Management (2009) from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). 2009-2010 I worked as a Research Assistant at SLU, modelling phosphorus runoff from Swedish agricultural land. Since end the of 2010 I am a PhD student in Natural Resources Management at Stockholm Resilience Centre.


Agroforestry landscapes, ecosystem services; livelihoods, Sudano-Sahelian West Africa, Burkina Faso



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