Javier Godar

PhD Javier Godar

Research Fellow
Stockholm Environment Institute
Linnégatan 87D
115 23 Stockholm, Sweden

Focus area

Deforestation Deforestation drivers Land-use Rural development Tropical forests


+46 73 707 8546

PhD Javier Godar

Research Fellow, Stockholm Environment Institute, Stockholm


BSc in Forestry Engineering, Polytechnic University of Madrid (2002), MSc in Tropical Forest Management, Polytechnic University of Madrid (2003); PhD in Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management University of León (2009); Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute (2012- ). Project leader of the SES-Amazon project (Formas project grant, 2013-2016), and Post Doc at the Nord-Star project (The Nordic Council, 2012-2016).

Focus area: 

My main research interests are two: i)  the study of socio-ecological systems in tropical areas, with focus on deforestation dynamics and rural development policies, particularly in the Amazon Basin; ii) the development of quantitative spatially-explicit global models describing the impacts associated to consumption of traded farming commodities. Current research topics include: the Amazonian deforestation slowdown, Agrarian Reform and rural development policies in the Amazon, biodiversity impacts of global demand for biofuels; Payments for Ecosystem Services (specifically REDD+), next generation footprint accounts, modeling of material flows in international trade markets, new applications in landscape ecology and GIS to better understand socio-ecological systems.


Godar, J., Gardner, T.A., Tizado, E.J., Pacheco, P., 2014. Actor-specific contributions to the deforestation slowdown in the Brazilian Amazon PNAS 2014 ; published ahead of print October 13, 2014, doi:10.1073/pnas.1322825111 

Pokorny, B., de Jong, W., Godar, J., Pacheco, P., Johnson, J., 2013. From large to small: Reorienting rural development policies in response to climate change, food security and poverty. For. Policy Econ. 36, 52–59. doi:10.1016/j.forpol.2013.02.009

Godar, J., Tizado, E.J., Pokorny, B., 2012 Who is responsible for deforestation in the Amazon? A spatially explicit analysis along the Transamazon Highway in Brazil. For. Ecol. Manag. 267, 58–73. doi:10.1016/j.foreco.2011.11.046

Godar, J., Tizado, E.J., Pokorny, B., Johnson, J., 2012. Typology and Characterization of Amazon Colonists: A Case Study Along the Transamazon Highway. Hum. Ecol. 40, 251–267. doi:10.1007/s10745-012-9457-8


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