Martin Persson

PhD Martin Persson

Assistant Professor
Chalmers University of Technology
SE-412 96 Gothenburg, Sverige

Focus area

Focali Global REDD-instruments Methodologies Poverty REDD REDD and Poverty


+46 31 772 34 53

PhD Martin Persson

Assistant Professor, Physical Resource Theory, Department of Energy & Environment, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg.


MSc in Environmental Science, University of Gothenburg (2003); PhD in Energy & Environment from Physical Resource Theory, Chalmers (2008); Post Doc at the Environmental Economics Unit and the Gothenburg Center for Globalization  & Development (GCGD), University of Gothenburg (2009-2011); Visiting researcher at Tropical Agricultural Research & Higher Education Center (CATIE), Costa Rica, and Department of Environmental Earth System Science (EESS), Stanford University, USA (2020-2012).

Focus area: 

My primary reasearch interest is global land use and land use change, with emphasis on tropical deforestation, REDD+, and biofuels. Current research topics include: the impact of increased demand for biofuels on food prices and poverty; policy for implementing REDD+, especially Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES); carbon footprints of agricultural products linked to land use change and land use change emissions embodied in international trade.

Recent Publications:

Nordén, A., Persson, U. M., & Alpizar, F. (2013). 8 Incentives, impacts and behavioural issues in the context of payment for ecosystem services programmes. Globalization and Development: Rethinking Interventions and Governance, 102, 147

Key words: 

Land use change, tropical deforestation, REDD+, biofuels, emissions embodied in trade


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