Jörgen Pettersson

Jörgen Pettersson

Research Assistant
University of Gothenburg
SE-405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden

Focus area

Climate Assessed SFM Focali PES Poverty REDD REDD and Poverty SFM


Jörgen Pettersson

Jörgen has a master's degree in Economics and a master's degree in Environmental Science with specialisation in Environmental Economics. He is a research assistant within several of Focali’s themes.

During his master's thesis he did a minor field study in Colombia. The thesis addressed an incipient PES-project and the costs of supplying environmental services. He showed how the costs vary dependent on environmental and spatial characteristics of each plot. By analysing the supply costs environmental projects can increase their efficiency.

His work for the Focali research theme "Climate Assessed SFM" has addressed criteria and indicators for production of sustainable woodfuels.

The focus of his work for theme 2 - "REDD and Poverty" has been on: 1) Protected areas and the impact on the poor, 2) Deforestation's impact on the poor, and 3) Climate-friendly forest-based livelihoods.

During the fall 2008, he was an intern at Mercy Corps' Climate Change Unit where he was working with development aid financed by carbon credits.


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