Malin Gustafsson

Malin Gustafsson

Centre for Environment and Sustainability, GMV


Malin Gustafsson

Program officer, Swedish Water House, Swedish International Water institute (SIWI). Coordinator the Agroforestry Network.


MSc in Biology, Dept. of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (2010); Research Fellowship at Bioversity International, Rome, Italy (2010); Scientific Assistant at FAO Forestry Department, Rome, Italy (2010-2011); PhD at Department of Forest Ecology and Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (2011-2016); Administrator - internal coordination for global development, SLU Global at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (2016).

Focus area:

My PhD research was focused on improving our knowledge of rainforest restoration - mainly targeting practical aspects of the restoration, but also trying to examine what impact the planted trees have on other life forms i.e. epiphyllous lichens. In forest experiments I studied tree growth and tree species responses to light and nutrients, and relations to species traits. In order to understand what impact restoration efforts may have on the forest biodiversity I also study how tree species traits and diversity influence lichen species richness and diversity.

Download PhD thesis here

Read more about Malin´s research here

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