Toby Gardner

PhD Toby Gardner

Research Fellow
Stockholm Environment Institute
Linnégatan 87D Box 24218
10451 Stockhom, Sweden

Focus area

Biodiversity Knowledge exchange Policy Sustainability Science Tropical forests


+46 70-363 49 40

PhD Toby Gardner

Research fellow at Stockholm Environment Institute


Before joining SEI Toby was a research fellow at the University of Cambridge for five years, prior to which he had short postdoctoral positions and Brazil and Australia. His PhD was based at the University of East Anglia (UK) and focused on biodiversity in multiple-use forestry landscapes. He has previously worked in Tanzania on protected area effectiveness, in the Caribbean on large-scale declines in coral reef ecosystems, and in Belize on amphibian monitoring.

Focus area

The primary focus of Toby´s work is to assess the challenges facing transitions towards more sustainable land-use systems, particularly in Brazil. He has over ten years experience working on science and science-policy issues in human-modified landscapes across the tropics, with a strong emphasis on the management and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services in multiple-use agriculture-forestry landscapes, and the difficulties of balancing environmental concerns with rural development priorities. In 2009 he helped found and coordinate the Sustainable Amazon Network, a large interdisciplinary consortium of scientists and graduate students focussed on understanding land-use sustainability challenges facing rural development in the eastern Brazilian Amazon.


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