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Yann Clough

Lund University

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Yann Clough

Researcher at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research at Lund University


Yann Clough is a researcher at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research at Lund University. He is trained as an agricultural scientist and ecologist. He has received research grants from BiodivERsA and FACCE-JPI, the German Research Foundation and the strategic research area Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate (BECC), amongst others. He co-leads the Ecosystem Services theme in BECC.


Ecological interactions between species, Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, Ecosystem services in agriculture and forestry, Drivers and consequences of land-use change

Relevant publications

Clough, Y., Krishna, V.V., Corre, M.D., Darras, K., Denmead, L.H., Meijide, A., Moser, S., Musshoff, O., Steinebach, S., Veldkamp, E., Allen, K., Barnes, A.D., Breidenbach, N., Brose, U., Buchori, D., Daniel, R., Finkeldey, R., Harahap, I., Hertel, D., Holtkamp, A.M., Hörandl, E., Irawan, B., I Nengah Surati Jaya, Jochum, M., Klarner, B., Knohl, A., Kotowska, M.M., Krashevska, V., Kreft, H., Kurniawan, S., Leuschner, C., Maraun, M., Melati, D.N., Opfermann, N., Pérez-Cruzado, C., Prabowo, W.E., Rembold, K., Rizali, A., Rubiana, R., Schneider, D., Tjitrosoedirdjo, S.S., Tjoa, A., Tscharntke, T., and Scheu, S. (2016) Land-use choices follow profitability at the expense of ecological functions in Indonesian smallholder landscapes. Nature Communications, 7: 13137.

Teuscher, M., Gérard, A., Brose, U., Buchori, D., Clough, Y., Ehbrecht, M., Hölscher, D., Irawan, B., Sundawati, L., Wollni, M., and Kreft, H. (2016) Experimental biodiversity enrichment in oil-palm-dominated landscapes in Indonesia. Frontiers in Plant Science, 7: 1538.

Gras, P., Tscharntke, T., Maas, B., Tjoa, A., Hafsah, A., and Clough, Y. (2016) How ants, birds and bats affect crop yield along shade gradients in tropical cacao agroforestry. Journal of Applied Ecology 53: 953-963.

Teuscher, M., Vorlaufer, M., Wollni, M., Brose, U., Mulyani, Y., and Clough, Y. (2015) Trade-offs between bird diversity and abundance, yields and revenue in smallholder oil palm plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia. Biological Conservation 186: 306-318.

Clough, Y., Barkmann, J., Juhrbandt, J., Kessler, M., Wanger, T.C., Anshary, A., Buchori, D., Cicuzza, D., Darras, K., Putra, D.D., Erasmi, S., Pitopang, R., Schmidt, C., Schulze, C.H., Seidel, D., Steffan-Dewenter, I., Stenchly, K., Vidal, S., Weist, M., Wielgoss, A.C., and Tscharntke, T. (2011) Combining high biodiversity with high yields in tropical agroforests. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 108: 8311-8316.

Clough, Y., Faust, H., and Tscharntke, T. (2009) Cacao boom and bust: sustainability of agroforests and opportunities for biodiversity conservation. Conservation Letters 2: 197-205.

See more info and scientific publications at Yann Clough’s website.

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