Focali researcher Sabine Henders held her 90% PhD seminar

PhD candidate Sabine Henders and her opponent Dr. Patrick Meyfroidt, Photo: Madelene Ostwald

Focali researcher Sabine Henders held her 90% PhD seminar

Title of PhD thesis: To leak or not to leak? - Land-Use Displacement and Carbon Leakage from Forest Conservation

In her PhD work Sabine Henders looks at accounting of carbon leakage from forest conservation and scrutinizes different methods to quantify emissions from land-use displacement. The final defense is scheduled for mid-march 2014. 
The 90% seminar was held the 23rd of October at 13-15pm at CSPR (Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research) in Norrköping. Opponent was Dr. Patrick Meyfroidt from the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. 
Patrick Meyfroidt holds a PhD in Geography (2009) His main research interests are land use and forest transitions, and feedbacks between environmental perceptions and land changes. 
Read more about Sabine Henders here
Read more about her work on carbon leakage in Focali Brief 2012:01 “Accounting for carbon leakage from REDD+ are current quantification methods suitable?” written by Sabine Henders.


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