Nordic bioenergy prize to Focali researcher

Nordic bioenergy prize to Focali researcher

Göran Berndes, Associate Professor at the department for Physical resource Theory at Chalmers and a member of the Focali network, has been awarded the Nordic Council of Ministers' Bioenergy prize.

The prize goes to an individual or organization who has made a particular effort to promote and increase the production and use of bioenergy. It consists of DKK 50 000, and a diploma, and was presented to the winner by the Swedish Minister of Environment Andreas Carlgren, at the Swedish Energy Convention in Stockholm on 16 March.

Göran Berndes is the third recipient of the prize. He does research on energy, land use and the links between these and other factors. The focus of his research lies on how biomass can be used to reduce the energy system's carbon footprint and the impact of large-scale use of biomass for energy.

"Berndes has had an extensive international commitment, both as a researcher and an adviser. In all contexts he has worked to show how the Nordic model of large-scale cost-effective bioenergy can be reconciled with the highest aspirations of both environmental and socio-economic objectives", the prize committee states.

Read more on the website of the Nordic Council of Ministers

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