Göran Wallin

Doctor Göran Wallin

University lecturer and Head of Dpt.
University of Gothenburg
Box 461
SE-405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden

Focus area

Climate Assessed SFM Focali SFM


+4631-786 26 20

Doctor Göran Wallin

Göran is university lecturer and head of the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences. In Focali, he is active in theme study "Climate Assessed SFM".

Göran is doing research on the effects of climate and air pollutants on plant ecosystems. He is conducting studies on the interaction between vegetation, soil and atmosphere. The main topic is exchange of carbon and water between these systems that are investigated by using gas exchange techniques, biomass measurements, elementary analysis, and carbohydrate analysis. The focus is on boreal coniferous forests, but studies are also made on agricultural corps, deciduous trees as well as forests in the tropics. The main objectives are how the exchange of carbon dioxide is i) effected by climate and air pollutants; ii) can be up-scaled from leaf and shoots to tree and ecosystem levels.


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