Maria Ölund

Maria Ölund

Focali, Centre for Environment and Sustainability - GMV, Univeristy of Gothenburg


+46 31 786 9222

Maria Ölund

Project coordinator of Focali at Centre for Sustainable Development - GMV, University of Gothenburg.

Current work:

Maria Ölund is the project coordinator of Focali (Forest, Climate and Livelihood Research Network) at GMV – Centre for Sustainable Development in Gothenburg and is the project coordinator of LARRI (Land Rights Research Initiative)


Master degree from School of Global Studies and a B.A in Development and International Cooperation, from University of Gothenburg. Master thesis field research about pastoralists’ livelihoods, socio-ecological resilience, climate change and land investments in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Work experience as a research assistant in research project about the role of trees for local livelihoods, resilience and food-security in Burkina Faso. In addition she has work experience as a communication officer, lecturer in participatory field methods and as a freelance journalist as well as rich work and study experience related to development cooperation from Ethiopia, Tanzania and Vietnam.



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