Maria Ölund

Maria Ölund

Focali, Centre for Environment and Sustainability - GMV, Univeristy of Gothenburg


+46 31 786 9222

Maria Ölund

Project coordinator of Focali at Centre for Sustainable Development - GMV, University of Gothenburg.

Current work:

Maria Ölund is the project coordinator of Focali (Forest, Climate and Livelihood Research Network) at GMV – Centre for Sustainable Development in Gothenburg and is the project coordinator of LARRI (Land Rights Research Initiative)


Master degree from School of Global Studies and a B.A in Development and International Cooperation, from University of Gothenburg. Master thesis field research about pastoralists’ livelihoods, socio-ecological resilience, climate change and land investments in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Work experience as a research assistant in research project about the role of trees for local livelihoods, resilience and food-security in Burkina Faso. In addition she has work experience as a communication officer, lecturer in participatory field methods and as a freelance journalist as well as rich work and study experience related to development cooperation from Ethiopia, Tanzania and Vietnam.



Focali annual meeting 2022 – separate event webpage

It is once again time for Focali members, partners, and friends in our wider community to meet around current interlinked forest, climate and livelihood challenges. The Focali annual meeting, to be he ...

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