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The Focali secretariat is placed The Centre for Environment and Sustainability, GMV, in Göteborg.

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Anders Ekbom

Project manager

Anders Ekbom

+4631-786 92 02



Maria Ölund



 Project coordinator

Maria Ölund






Interim Project coordinator

Maria Göthberg


Interim Project coordinator Apr-Sept

Kristina Fermskog




Box 170
SE-405 30 Göteborg


Aschebergsgatan 44, Gothenburg

Call for abstract - Agri4D conference

Agriculture for food security post-2015 - the role of science ...

Attend Seminar on Water, Forests and People - Building Resilient Landscapes

Welcome to the second seminar arranged by the Swedish Water House cluster group on Water and Forests. ...

Forests, Landscapes and Food Security - a collaboration with SIANI

Focali has, since 2013, collaborated with SIANI under the theme "Forests, Landscapes and Food Security". ...

Focali part of cluster group on Water and Forests at SWH

Since December 2014 is Focali represented as one of five members in the cluster group "Water and Forests" hosted by the Swedish Water House (SWH). ...

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