Linda Hansson

Linda Hansson

Gothenburg Centre for Sustainable Development, GMV


+46(0)31-18 55 36

Linda Hansson

Communications support, Focali.


Linda has previously been the interim coordinator of Focali and is currently supporting Focali's research communication and administration. She also works with Madelene Ostwald as the assistant theme leader of theme 2 on multifunctional landscapes in AgriFoSe2030.


Linda has a BSc in biology and an MSc in environmental science from University of Gothenburg. Her main areas of interest lies within effects of land use changes on carbon storage and livelihood, in forest landscapes as well as agricultural landscapes. For the BSc thesis she investigated differences in fine-root carbon storage between primary and secondary montane tropical rainforests in Rwanda, under the supervision of Focalimember Göran Wallin. In her MSc thesis she investigated impacts of converting pastures to largescale biofuel plantations (eucalyptus) on socioeconomic factors, carbon storage and biodiversity in Colombia, under the supervision of Focalimember Matilda Palm.



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