Proceedings from the Conference “Agricultural Research for Development: Scales and Diversity”

Kenyan large-scale intensive agriculture next to agroforestry system. Photo: Mattias Jonsson

Proceedings from the Conference “Agricultural Research for Development: Scales and Diversity”

The conference was organized by Agri4D, SIANI, Focali, Future Agriculture, Future Forests and the Forest initiative and was held at SLU in Uppsala 28-29th of September 2011.

The report from the conference summarizes the keynote speeches, session presentations and panel discussions on the following topics: 
• Meeting the Global Food Challenge with Effective Technologies, Policies & Institutions 
• Livestock Production in Developing Countries – Globally Significant and Locally Relevant
• Ensuring Food Security 
• Risk Management of Animal Diseases 
• Future Agricultural Research 
• Scales and Diversity in Forest Ecosystems 
• Land Tenure and Governance 
• Future Forest Research 
• Transboundary Pathogens 
• Smallholder Diversification
• Smallholder Agriculture and Forestry 
• Raising Smallholder Productivity 
The theme of the 2012 conference is “Agricultural Research for Development: Innovations and Incentives”. The conference is this year organized by the networks: Agri4D, SIANI, Focali, Future Agriculture and Future Forests and will be held at SLU in Uppsala on the 26-27th of September 2012. 
Read more about “Scales and Diversity” and the upcoming “Innovations and Incentives” in the conference document, which can be downloaded here.


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