Call for abstracts! Agri4D 2017

Call for abstracts! Agri4D 2017

Focali will host a session at this years Agri4D conference on the topic; Forests for Food Security – in the light of Equal Rights and Sustainable Resource Management. The theme of the conference is Rural Transformation and Urbanization. Also, Focali member Madelene Ostwald will together with Ewa Wredle, SLU, host the session "Land - under pressures or dynamic changes?"

Rural transformation is currently a hot topic in tackling today's climatic, agricultural and poverty challenges. Many of the rural poor move to swelling urban centers in search of better job opportunities and improved livelihoods. Some of these rural migrants succeed in finding better life, but for many the hopes of a better future often turn into a nightmare of economic and social insecurity. Rural-urban linkages may have a positive impact on the rural poor connecting them to economic incomes and development opportunities. A rural transformation linked to pro poor inclusive growth and urban dynamics can thus be a critical component of sustainable development as a whole.

The Agri4D conference is hosted by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and SIANI in Uppsala on 20-21 September. Different aspects of rural transformation will be examined in the conference sub-sessions:

  • Land - under pressures or dynamic changes?
  • Forests for Food Security – Equal Rights and Sustainable Resource Management
  • Fish farming for food security, nutrition and poverty reduction
  • Knowledge Based Bioeconomies -Tools for Agricultural Transformation
  • Water in Transforming Landscapes
  • Urban/peri-urban agriculture, livelihoods, and food and nutrition security in Global South
  • Poster session

Focali session: Forests for Food Security – in the light of Equal Rights and Sustainable Resource Management

Globally, more than 1.6 billion people depend on forest resources for their livelihoods. It is argued that factors such as gender, market access and purchasing power affect rural forest communities’ ability to manage resources sustainably and navigate through food crises. This session aims to highlight initiatives and actions in the forestry sector that may lead to transformative and empowering changes.

Session leaders: Jenny Friman and Malin Gustafsson

Deadline April 30th, 2017.

Read more and submit your abstract at the web page of the event.

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