The palm oil dilemma – Podcast with Focali member Martin Persson

Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

The palm oil dilemma – Podcast with Focali member Martin Persson

In this P3 news podcast experts on palm oil, the most consumed oil in the world, are interviewed about the consequences it has as a driver of deforestation.

Focali member Martin Persson, Chalmers researcher with focus on sustainable land use and tropical deforestation interviewed in the podcast, argues that the UN goal to halve global deforestation until 2020 will be very difficult to achieve with the current development. He says that a remedy to address the challenges would be stronger legislations against deforestation, which are not in place today.

Listen to the full podcast (23 minutes) here
or a shorter news story version (2 minutes) here

The podcast is in Swedish and produced by the Swedish Radio program P3 news


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