Learning from Norway - A review of lessons learned for REDD+ donors

Learning from Norway - A review of lessons learned for REDD+ donors

Focali Report 2011:03 by Lisa Westholm, Madelene Ostwald, Sabine Henders and Eskil Mattsson.

The report aims to provide potential REDD+ donors with an analysis of a number of factors to take into account in investment decisions. Focus lies on issues especially relevant for public donors such as governments, and less for private investors. However, hopefully the report can also feed into a general discussion on REDD+ investments and interventions. The lessons are drawn from the Norwegian experience of investing in REDD+ by means of a review of the recently released evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative, presented in a number of reports published by Norad.

The issues that are discussed in the report are:

  • the phased approach;
  • what happens if no global agreement and commitment on climate change is reached;
  • Payments for Environmental Services (PES);
  • donor coordination;
  • legitimacy and accountability;
  • monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) and;
  • policy coherence.


The report can be downloaded here.

For a shorter summary of the report see also the brief Drawing lessons from Norway's REDD+ interventions which can be downloaded here.

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